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Privacy Policy

This policy describes the collection, use, and protection of any personal data about you by Africare Health Group during the inquiry process.

Information that we gather and use

We will start processing the personal information you give us when you fill out a contact form, call one of the lines on our website, or send an inquiry. We will also process any personal information you provide us during follow-up communication.

Our Participant Privacy Policy will handle your personal information if you or a family member chooses to use our services.

Our Employee Privacy Policy will handle your personal information if you participate in the hiring process.

How we employ the data

If you or a family member is considering using our services, we will choose the right care package using the details you supply.
We will use the information to direct you to the proper recruitment information if you are inquiring about employment with Africare Health Group 
If you have permitted us to email you, we may send you additional emails about living in one of our care homes or working for Africare Health Group after the initial email. Direct marketing is the term for this. You can request that we cease sending you explicit marketing materials at any moment.

With whom we divulge information

We will disclose your personal information to organisations with statutory authority, like regulators and the police. Also receiving access to your information are vendors who handle data on our behalf. Only providers that have shown to us that they will appropriately manage information are given access to it.

Legitimate ground for the processing

Your consent is our legitimate ground for processing any personal information obtained through inquiries. You can opt-out at any time by sending us an email letting us know your preference. Your information will be deleted from our lists if you withdraw your consent, and we won’t contact you again.

Making decisions automatically

We don’t use any automated decision-making processes. Although we frequently utilise computers to run some aspects of our business, any decisions that impact specific people will always be made by a human we won’t contact you again.

How long do we preserve data?

Until it is resolved—either because you have indicated that you no longer want to hear from us, you (or a relative) are getting assistance, or you have started the application process—your inquiry will remain active on our system.

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